Chris "Indy" Armstrong - Indianapolis, In

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Name: Chris "Indy" Armstrong
Age: 47yrs old
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Hook-ups/Sponsors: Pro Kote Powder Coating & Flat Society

-Spot to ride: Flatland Academy
-BMX video: KGB Videos (all of them)
-Website: Flatmattersonline
-Web video: Anything From Matt Wilhelm
-Food: Mexican
-Twitter to follow: @patrickfJohnson
-Person on Instagram: Dennis Enarson & Matt Wilhelm
-Travel destination: Japan & Germany
-Riders to Ride with: My Chi Town Family, Jake Jackson, Marty Clark, Brant Hughes, & Chris Woodling

-Car: '61 Impala convertible135753237 1511061119089977 8913035277651341222 n
-Movie: Star Wars
-Color: Blue
-Shoes: DVS
-Bike Company: Hoffman, S&M
-Bike Shop: ICS (Local Shop)
-Restaurant Chain: Chili's

-Clothing Company: @igiflatlog, @fltscty, Dickies
-Phone: Android
-Music: Heavy Metal & Wu-Tang Clan

-Ramp Rider: Mat Hoffman
-Street Rider: Dennis Enarson
-Flatland Rider: Kio Hayakawa
-Old School Rider: Perry Mervar

-Drink: Iced Coffee & Water
-Trick: No-Handed Pumping HitchHiker
-BMX Magazine: BMX Plus!
-BMX MC: Kip Williamson136421765 226295208960894 2989678547352380276 n
-Video game: Super Mario Bros
-BMX Photographer: Anthony Schneidewind
-BMX Filmer: Anthony Schneidewind
-Girl Rider: Erin Fricke
-Sport Besides BMX: Basketball
-Party: At Home heh