Jean-Francois Boulianne - Montreal, Canada

Name: Jean-François Boulianne
Age: 38
Hometown: Montréal, Canada
Sponsors: Flat Society, Reklamation Bikes, Xact Nutrition, Oso Coffee & Kurativ CBD

Tell us a bit about you: BMX Flatland has been the biggest part of my life for the last 22 years. I fell in love with the sport the first time I saw it. I got my first bike at age 16 and started practicing daily. In my 20s, I spent 3 years in China doing shows, then traveled and competed internationally for a couple of years afterward. I then took a break from competing to start my own BMX Shows company.


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Four years ago, I started living in my van and spending my winters riding in California. It’s been 2 years now since I have gotten back to competing internationally.

What does BMX Flatland means to you?  For me, BMX Flatland is a way of living. I organize my day around my sessions. Everything that I do throughout my day is geared to helped me be the best athlete I can be. BMX Flatland keeps me disciplined, and gives me purpose and motivation to help me get through the obstacles of life. When I am riding my bike, I go into focus mode - it's like a meditative state.

Can you tell us more about your Flatland Training? I usually start the morning with a short meditation, drink my collagen and do a yoga/mobility workout. After this, I eat some eggs and prepare for my first session. I use the first session as a warm up and start working on my contest routine. After my first session, I do some stretching, eat a healthy lunch and relax a little in order to prepare for my second one. The second session is when I work on new tricks and harder stuff. I feel really accomplished when this is done. At the end of the day, I go to enjoy the sunset, recover with some more healthy food and rest in order to be top shape for the next day.

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What is your goal for the future?  My goal is to ride until I am 55-60. I’d like to have a head full of white hair and still be able to execute a smooth combo and do school shows. I also aspire to keep and improve my minimalistic approach to life. I want to keep traveling for a good part of my life; I have to see and experience new things to refuel my drive. I know at some point my energy level might go down but I want to make sure I am giving myself the best chance to be able to continue this lifestyle at an older age.

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What are your favourites bike parts and why?  First, I would say my Reklamation Bikes’ Juicy Focus Handlebars. Everything from the upsweep, the height and the holes in the tube that make the bar lighter, is fantastic. Also, I just got these new alienation titanium wheels at the end of last year and I am still excited to ride them. My bike is now at 17.5 pounds and its great. My body is thanking me a lot for these upgrades. I am still very excited about my Jason Plourde Rogue Frame, this was a limited series and it feels so sturdy and light. It is just a killer machine to be on with Ox Platinum tubes.

Any final words?  Thanks to everyone who has helped me achieve this path and lifestyle. I am very grateful that BMX Flatland got in my path at an early age. Follow your dream and don’t be scared to jump into the unknown...